Make time for professional development with Andrew Netschay’s unique style of high performance executive coaching.

Have you recently been promoted to a leadership role?

Has your team grown and your responsibilities increased?

Have you been assigned a new project with a multi-million dollar budget and an aggressive schedule to complete?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and out of your comfort zone, you need a strategy to help you adapt, overcome and thrive in your ‘new normal’.

Andrew is the only executive coach that combines the no-nonsense mental toughness of traditional and mixed martial arts training with extensive experience leading high performance teams to deliver high value digital transformations across North America.

Coaching sessions with Andrew will provide you with a unique and empirical perspective and teach you functional leadership skills.



Below are some testimonials from some of our valued clients.

“Ability to clearly define and communicate the objective”

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Andrew on numerous projects and programs and have firsthand knowledge of his leadership and drive. His ability to clearly define and communicate the objective and hand along with his technical management skills are a key to his success. To date every project, I’ve worked with him on has come in under budget and on-time. Andrew is a true professional with a contagious work ethic. “

Amit Das

“Andrew solves complex problems”

“Our company, T4Bi, has worked with Andrew for several years on major infrastructure projects – data center modernizations and migrations, IT infrastructure re-engineering without production outages, strategic planning, risk management, multi-vendor coordination, and negotiations. All have been (and are) multi-million dollar projects, essential for our key corporate customers. Andrew always solved complex problems without hesitation, gaining tremendous appreciation and customer trust. His knowledge, focus, energy, and dedication are absolutely amazing, and we are happy to have Andrew as our colleague.”

Jiri Dvorak

“Quickly gained the client’s trust”

“I had the pleasure of working with Andrew on a challenging client engagement and he proved to be an instrumental member of the team. He quickly gained the trust of the client through his years of experience and battle scars consolidating and closing data centers. With tight project timelines, he supported and advised the team in navigating complex problems, leading to the successful completion of the engagement. Andrew was an invaluable member of the team!”

S. Burrows, Deloitte

“Helped me realize where I want to be”

“I was referred to Andrew by a friend of mine. As I am new to the IT industry (my background is construction and teaching), I have been looking for ‘direction’ within the field where I can combine my extensive project management experience and formal education. Andrew helped me realize that the distance between where I want to be vs where I am now is really not that far off. He pinpointed a couple of areas where my experience and qualifications can really shine and where I could build a long-term career for the next 20 years.

I am looking forward to connecting with Andrew again to help me map out my career choice in the near future.”

Jose Lemus