Our Approach

Precise, focused and consistent.

Defining your business objectives and challenges is the first step. We then work with you to define your requirements success criteria. With clearly defined outcomes in hand, we build a digital transformation roadmap aligned with your priorities.
We understand that risk is the 500 pound gorilla you don’t want to carry alone. We share the load with you by developing a proactive risk management strategy. Through a collaborative process with your team, we further enhance your digital transformation roadmap to include risk mitigation with accountability built in from day one.
Delivering the key results and outcomes defined in step one is next. We install the appropriate level of governance to ensure the program is effectively supported. Our team members are accountable to both their clients and to our own leadership team. We ensure proactive, consistent and clear communication is a constant in all the projects we deliver.

Proven digital transformation solutions.

Data Center Relocations

Data center relocations can impact every department in your organization. Moving your data center will test your organization’s stamina. We take on all the detailed planning and execution of moving your data center(s) to ensure your staff and customers don’t even notice your data center moved.

Our proven Data Center Relocation methodology begins with a thorough assessment of your current environment. We build a detailed inventory of your applications and infrastructure as we develop a cost benefit plan to validate the viability of your data center relocation.

Migration methods are assessed and selected to align with your budget and timeline. Procurement plans are developed, and your vendors are coordinated to ensure critical timelines are met.

Cloud Migrations

Deciding to migrate to the cloud is not a trivial decision. Understanding the cost benefit plan is key to a successful migration. Cloud assessments help identify which workloads and applications are good candidates for migration.

We develop cloud migration strategies for hybrid cloud implementation as well ensuring your on prem infrastructure ROI is maximized as your selected applications move to the cloud.

CxO as a Service

Leading your IT department is hard. Knowing what to move to the cloud, when to move and which platform to choose are challenging questions to answer. Ensuring your DRP aligns with your organization’s BCP can be a risk mitigation nightmare. Developing an IT Roadmap that your department can actually deliver can be daunting.

We help you meet all these challenges by providing our team’s collective skills on a part time basis so that you can leverage informed, experienced technology leadership at a fraction of the cost of a full time executive.

Project Health Assessments

Some projects don’t get delivered on time and on budget. We understand tight timelines, unanticipated costs and anxious sponsors.

When your projects are derailed our empirical project health assessment will highlight opportunities to get back on track. We provide independent, objective assessments to diagnose the key issues impacting your project.

Project & Program Management

Project and program management is our specialty. We adapt project management methodology to your organization’s needs by establishing a project delivery process that strikes the right balance between process and effectiveness.

From delivering a critical project to building your Project Management Office, our team can support your key initiatives and effectively de-risk your project portfolio.